Utility Circular Cutting

American Concrete Company now offers Utility Circular Cutting services!

We provide a 2½” wide milled circular cut in size of 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 42″, 50″ and 60″ diameters, with cutting depths of 12″. The cutters use a carbide tooth and are able to cut asphalt and concrete, provided there is no re-bar present.

The cutter is mounted on a truck chassis and is operated by a radio remote control, handled by the operator.

Our normal production of cuts is 6 to 8 cuts per hour. We have reached as much as 80 cuts in an 8 hour shift.

ADVANTAGES (over conventional sawing and removal) — FEATURES and BENEFITS:

  1. Faster than cutting squares and jackhammering out. Saves on Traffic Control costs.
  2. Reduced Schedule time, and open back up to traffic sooner.
  3. Less field labor by contractor, saving on labor costs over jackhammering for removal.
  4. Ease of removal – less backbreaking to just pick it out with a picker (easy to do with 2.5 inch kerf)
  5. Produces gravel tailings that can be swept into kerf, vs. slurry that has to be vacuumed (to keep out of drain)
  6. Reduces number of people needed for removal for adjustment, and duration equipment on site.
  7. Contractor can make and adjust more manholes per day, just picking up slug when ready to adjust.
  8. Better Concrete poor back adhesion, having a milled edge vs. a smooth edge if saw cut.
  9. No damage to surrounding surface, as seen with jackhammering.
  10. Easier to reinforce the circle, with constant width of concrete vs. a square.
  11. Squares – the corners break.
  12. Easier to adjust manhole and poor back to match grade. Smoother ride product.
  13. No overcuts with circle cut vs. old Square cut. So less sealing of edges needed. And less failures.
  14. When in just asphalt, easy to use the process for removing casting (prior to paving), as well as raising to final grade (after paving).


Casting Picker

24″ – 36″

  • Place Casting Picker in casting with the Red “T” Latches in the outward lock position.
  • It is now ready for picking.
  • Release Red “T” Latches to the inward position.
  • Pick up cables and the three lifting arms will clamp on the inside of the casting.
  • Lift and remove casting.
  • Remove picker from casting.
  • Release the cables so the lifting arms can be released to the point where the Red “T” Latches can be locked in the outward position.
  • Picker can then be picked from the casting.
  • The Picker is ready to be used again.

Asphalt / Concrete Cooky Picker

24″ – 60″ Cuts


  • Shovel cutting in areas across from each other to an 8″ depth (shovel is furnished) Loosen set bolt on yellow sliding clamp structure
  • Place in areas that were shoveled out.
  • Take chain & chain binder and clamp the 2 yellow clamp structures together.
  • With cables, pick up Picker and remove circular cut material
  • To remove picker from material:
    • Remove chain binder
    • Loosen and back away yellow clamping structure
    • Tighten set bolts and lift picker
  • Picker is ready for next pick

Debris Catcher

24″ – 36″

Objective: Keep material from entering the manhole basin.

  • The Debris Catcher is designed to fit inside the manhole opening just below the casting.
  • Hold the catcher in place and inflate with compressed air until it is firmly in place.
  • Tie off the holding strap with a rope.
  • After the work is finished, remove debris from the top of the catcher.
  • Deflate and remove from the manhole.

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