Concrete Breaking & Slurry Control

Concrete Breaking

Within the past 20 years, two very different tools available have changed the approach to some demolition work. Although very different in operation, these tools have been proven to be very effective in reducing the time it takes to break rock or concrete.

One tool works on the impact principle to break material, while the other works from the inside of rock or concrete to break the mass. Sometimes both of these tools can be very effective when used together.

The impact ram mounted on a rig, such as our Bobcat, is powered by air or hydraulics. Its action is like a giant jackhammer producing many tons of force. The ram is very effective in many types of demolition work. Impact tools are available in various sizes and there are many proficient operators available.

Now this unique “Hydraulic Splitter” introduced some 20 years ago to the Construction Industry works on a completely new concept requiring a new approach. The operator requires some knowledge, and when used properly can save time, reduce hazards, reduce costs, and fully control breaks in both rock and concrete. It was also found that the pre-split method reduced the amount of work for impact tools.

In 10 years, our staff has been on hundreds of demolition job sites in North America. With this variety of experiences, we have developed fundamental principles and applications on the use of splitting equipment

Slurry Control

At American Concrete Company we pride ourselves on being able to effectively control the slurry bi-product that comes from wet sawing and core drilling. With the use of our many different methods of vacuuming we are able to control and clean all slurry that occurs from sawing and drilling leaving no mess behind. We also pride ourselves in protecting walls and delicate equipment that we may drill and saw around by putting plastic up and using shop vacuums to eliminate the concern of water damage.

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