Profile (Bump) Grinding

Need to remove bumps and re-profile concrete or asphalt highways, bridges, runways or industrial sites?


American Concrete Company is proud to announce our new line of diamond profile grinding services.  Our experienced operators can now offer you alternatives to more expensive solutions for correcting concrete and asphalt surface problems.  Specially designed, with a 27″ wide cutting head and overall machine size of 6′ wide x 16′ long, American’s new diamond profile grinder is just the right size for undertaking corrective bump grinding and highway preservation projects – with cost efficiency.  Smaller than some of the others out there, this specially modified grinder is more mobile and less expensive to transport.  For environmentally sensitive projects, the grinder can be attached to an optional vacuum system to collect grinding slurry when necessary for disposal.

With the highway maintenance season, we would love to work with you to explore the most cost effective means of restoring vehicle ride quality, extending pavement life, and removing existing bridge deck surfaces.

Taken in combination with our saw grooving and shot blasting capabilities, American Concrete Company can become your one stop source for all your surface preparation needs.


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