Fume-Free Excavation

American Concrete Company offers 100 percent fume-free excavation for indoor or confined-space projects.

Our low-emission, noise-dampening electric equipment can safely access areas where fuel-powered excavators cannot go due to job-specific bid restrictions, inadequate ventilation, and tight access. We offer a safer, more environmentally friendly approach.

Our safe and efficient electric equipment is perfect for:

  • Confined-space projects
  • Occupied structures
  • Projects where air quality is a priority such as: hospitals, schools, and shopping malls.

Our equipment features:

  • Rubber tracks
  • Low ground pressure, 360-degree rotation, and zero tail swing-minimizing the likelihood of damage while working in close quarters
  • A Rock and concrete breaker hammer
  • Backfill blades that help fill trenches in tight spaces
  • The ability to plug into our trucks, a generator, or your factory’s outlets.



Electric sawing and concrete removal was the cleanest and safest way to remove the concrete from a local working laboratory.

Our electric mini excavator can dig to a depth of 6 feet, yet will fit through a 29-inch opening. With no fumes or noise, this machine is powerful and environmentally friendly.

Minimize the risk of injuries, save on labor costs, and complete your project quickly with our electric excavator. It may look like a big toy, but it’s a powerful tool that can out-dig a six-man crew equipped with shovels and pry bars.

This trench was 3 feet wide, with an average depth of 3 feet. The contractor did not want any extra joints, so additional concrete was removed in this area.

The final dimensions of this trench were 90 feet by 2 feet, with an average depth of 3 feet.

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