Core Drilling

Diamond Core Drilling can range in hole diameter sizes from 1/2″ to 60″ diameter and depths that can exceed 50′ or more. We use various methods to power the application. Imbedded rebar in reinforced concrete presents no specific problem to cut. The use of specialized precision drilling equipment and professionally trained operators enables our company to tackle jobs with difficult applications in adverse drilling conditions. Core drilling is clean, efficient and does not disturb existing reinforcing in walls or floors. Core sampling for concrete testing is another typical use of core drilling. Continuous lengths of continental tubing are linked together to recover cores many feet long, providing technicians a visual display of reinforcing, aggregate and bond. Another service that we often provide is internal shear anchoring where we core drill through something like a bridge deck then power wash out the hole. After we clean out the hole we then insert varying sizes of steel rods and epoxy them in.

Other Concrete Cutting Services